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About Video Songs

God gave me the opportunity to lift His name high by singing in Christian music teams. With “Heart Beats” in the year of 1990, and with “Resonance” in 1997.

After I got married and moved to the USA, I continued to sing for the Lord. My family has been a great blessing, and they have stood by me encouraging me to sing for the Lord. God helped me to sing with the “New Life Team” starting in 2003.

Songs help me to live more for God. Singing for Christ inspired me to stay strong against all odds, and it reminds me what my purpose on this earth is. I was created to do His will. Praising and singing God’s love is a blessing, and God’s love is always unwavering.

No one can take away God’s love, and my Lord almighty has treasured this great talent in me. I’m sacred, and I am His. I have truly been blessed to sing for the Lord.